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Updated: Nov 24, 2022

As per my proposal for the final project submitted for my application to this school, I would like to make some art for Hongkongers. Originally I plan to interview some people, but in a tutorial session a guest artist said I can stay more truly to myself and express what I think. I guess that could work, but not first by writing down something. Meanwhile, I am following my instinct to draft this. Clearly so call "follow instinct" involves retrieving something from the preconscious and is influenced by the unconscious. Following instinct is not pure in the sense of the nature of instinct. This image, I analyse myself, is the picture of the almost unreachable reality, and it needs to be very beautiful, and that's why I started learning from AI.

Some notes:

Art comes from the heart. Forgot who said it but there is no great artists who haven't gone through suffering in life.

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