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Contingency blog - Week 26/9-30/9

I am using this site as my own website is down now ><

This week lectures begin but they are still mainly introduction~

Regarding research, I started doing some readings with a few books namely:

  1. Garner, Steven W., Writing on drawing : essays on drawing practice and research, Bristol, UK ; Chicago, IL : Intellect, 2012.

  2. Kocur, Zoya. Leung, Simon, Theory in contemporary art since 1985, Chichester : Wiley-Blackwell, 2012.

  3. Maria Walsh, Art and psychoanalysis, London : I.B. Tauris, 2013.

  4. Jacques Rancière, The future of the image, London : Verso, 2009.

Psychoanalysis is for the critical perspective unit but basically all of them are for my own good too. I don't really know what the current debates of contemporary art are and also I have never read anything academic about art other than 1/3 of John Berger's Ways of Seeing. I can make a joke from Writing on drawing, where it says drawing has not been a specific field of research and painters, architects, scientists etc. all draw different kind of things for research purposes or for drawing as the purpose. But like what do we call the people who draw? Obviously, "drawers". LOL

Psychoanalysis' relation to art is probably mainly in surrealism because artists put some elements from dreams into the surreal artworks. The interpretation of the dreams itself is the material for psychoanalysis but it does not equal to the unconscious, as the unconscious is inaccessible. According to Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis, shapes like sticks, knives etc. long objects are all the representation of penis, which sounds a bit ridiculous actually, and in the policeman's daughter painting, the girl cleaning the boot is sometimes referred to the representation of penis-envy... Psychoanalysis contributed to the rise of feminism... I used to draw some of my dreams and random things in my head too, can some psychologist analyse that for me?


For the upcoming project? work, the first one I am doing is about my rental shared house. It has a lot of problems need to be fixed immediately. I hope in the end I manage to share my process of fighting for a better living condition, and might ask others if they have the same problem and would like to share too.

You can have a look at the photos from my house:

Housemates and I constantly joke about the cut-off square on the floorboard shown on the second and third image that if we remove the floorboard we might find jewellery, a secret basement or passages, dig up bodies or even discover an ancient Roman city. It is quite funny, although I know some people have way worse situation in their rental home.

I will paint some underground map sort of things on a piece of wood, hopefully I can get the wood from the abandoned shed in my garden. The map sort of thing might look like this:

Let's see what other things come across my mind.... tbc.

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