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Truth, logic, language and the past

What is history anyway...? The past events of easily detached records and truths...

If no one remembered/recorded the past then the past has no meaning and did not exist in our understanding. But what we didn’t understand is it did happen. What is the truth in this then? The only conclusion is perhaps we don’t know what we don’t know, and it doesn’t constitute the truth with any content and meaning.

It would be like 1+1=2

If a dictator one day decides that 1+1=3

What changed is the meaning of 3 as a symbol, now 3 means 2. It doesn’t change the fact that you need to pay £20 for two books that cost £10 each.

Now we can define our genders that are different from the sex we were born into, then why do I still need to define myself as a human being, if my nature doesn’t matter and identity all depends on social context? Men can say they are women and vice versa and even non-binary, but that is only because they identify with some characteristics of their identity. But it’s contradicting if it’s nothing biological because if they identify with their gender because of masculinity/femininity (what’s the noun???) then it would mean they identify with what their counterpart opposes, i.e. if a man thinks he should be a she, that must be due to the fact that he identifies to certain qualities if himself that can be found in female and not male, but then a woman who thinks she is a he also defies this set of qualities. Then the preset qualities of gender don’t matter anymore and people should no longer be bound to the genders other than for medical purposes.

If I can say that I am neither man/woman then I can also say I’m a robot, I’m a teapot? But then it doesn’t change the fact that I am a human….

Essentially everything that we hold our beliefs on, other than mathematics, is exactly like the philosophy of language: forgot the name of the philosopher, who proposed that language is the result of nothing but causal effects, which has a very shakeable ground. Altered memory can topple everything…


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