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Week 11 (1/5-5/5) Renovation!

I had a studio makeover, obviously! With my canvas there it's like time and space twisted~

In the next phrase of the entanglement, I want to blow it up into a sculptural-installational, almost architectural thing: an entangled tunnel.

So to make it work, I need to do some research on the material and also build a model to help visualise it. I tried 3D model and 3D printing first, but there had been some technical issue to be fixed and they haven't even sent it to print.... so I made a real version of it. To be frank I don't know which is more labour intensive... I mean, with virtual or reality, I still need to twist and tweak every wire by hand...but that is part of my competition against AI.

I continue to work with reclaimed material. Spray them and hide their age.

And start making!

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