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Week 4? 10/10 - 14/10

This week I have been busy with family issue and... oh I can't believe the Group Crit Show actually happened on Monday... Some of my classmates might find my work "Window with a view — didn't work, leave it" interesting, well, after I put it back to the studio and restore the things... guess it didn't last for me. I better start working on something else. All that I did is create some prints of this "recycled" material in the Intaglio workshop and continue to read the book Writing on Drawing. There is the chapter which quoted classic books about drawing that say drawing is the most "fundamentally spiritual of all visual artistic activities"and drawing is the training of the eyes to "learn how to see" and "look" and appreciate nature. While I want to paint and try to do things I've seldom done, like installation and woodwork etc., I must spend more time to train my drawing skills, because even though nowadays you don't have to be able to draw or paint beautifully to become an artist, for me it is unacceptable XD

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