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Week 6 (13/3-17/3) New projects but some are old!

I couldn't appreciate more for the help from Darrell, who is my classmate and also a technician at the same time, with making the frames,

I did make a small mistake measuring the height (neglected the shelf's thickness) and it turned out slightly not exactly what I expected. However, the whole installation went pretty well and smoothly, thanks to the technician, Roger, at South Hill Park, who kept trying and adjusting things with me.

fitting the frame

I like this shot

Gives a sense of how big it is

The whole thing was not exactly as what I expected but anyway I did this in 8 days. So i just gotta try harder next time!!!

Then later in this week, I went back to the old project: the painting of a place that does not exist.

Somehow I just don't like it... Perhaps I should make it dimmer in the left. Get close to look at it... I will update a new photo tomorrow. And MOVE ON!

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