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Week 6 Lots of Experiments (24/10-28/10)

This week begins with diving into the making documentation as art world “new realm”. Or is it a new realm after all? I mean what make something a piece of artwork, in the sense of contemporary art? That is also something I want to find an answer for in the time here. Looking at Véronique’s performance of running in the cold and the photos she took that record the whole process, I still can’t help but wonder how is running a performance and is it the fact that she explain why she did it or how she did it, sort of thing makes the running become a performance? (She set up an exhibition wall displaying the recording of her run by the Thames, which looks interesting) I guess that is the question she is asking too. And also, it like since Avant-garde, or the “When Attitudes Become Form exhibition in 1969 (read it from the book Theories of Contemporary Art since 1985), art started to become many things, even things that raise a question or itself is a question. Anyway, I try to reflect on that and wrote a reflective journal:

Reflections on documentations and recording of work as pieces of artwork themselves — how I can try to apply them and the actual necessity. (Pigment ink on A5 Khadi paper)

I was wrong about the beginning of this week. LOL It began with painting some Acrylic and honestly my memory about this week is somehow very vague.

So this is a draft of a larger painting that I want to make. It is clearly depicting something like an exodus, which is what many Hongkongers, like myself describe as what we are going through now.

However the visual itself I think is under the influence of the Anime Neon Genesis Evangelion, typically the third part of its new movie series, as shown below. I think I will be ever heavily influence by it as it touches me when I was a teenager, that will leave a trace on me forever.

The final scene from Evangelion: The New Movie: Q
Still from Evangelion: The New Movie: Q

Again, continue to the previous visual I have in my head, my subconscious continued to make my conscious search for another Evangelion image, which is this:

Temporary Poster of Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time
Temporary Poster of Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time

The above is quite good for its clouds. Although what I think I have to practise drawing and painting is smoke, as it is somehow an important element to me. That might have something to do with the summer in 2019, where streets and even universities are covered in smoke from tear gas. So I am going to continue learning and practising SMOKE.

Guess this isn't the first time I am into smoke, but that was in 2018 when I painted this:

Watercolour and poster colour on paper 27.5 cm x 38 cm (probably)
Watercolour and poster colour on paper 27.5 cm x 38 cm (probably)

I haven't decided how big the final painting should be, but in the meanwhile, I turned to experiment something with that window found in my garden earlier. My classmate Camila lent me some acrylic gloss medium to play with.

Before the mars black acrylic dries, it created a cosmic? ocean? fluid? like texture, which is like a temporary work, or a happening that can be looked at, taken picture with or something. I poured a cup of water to the glass, but still it dries faster than I expected.

I guess that's all......

P.S. Plumber and floor specialist came to my house to fix the bathroom, but it took almost 4 days to do the new floor and install the new shower...... So I didn't shower for two days and I left town on Friday night.

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