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Week 8 (27/3 - 31/3) My first irregular canvas!

So the other day while I was drawing entangled curves again, I came up with the idea of making an irregular canvas out of the blues. (non-linear thinking)

So here is how I did it:

  1. I drew some random shapes with random angles estimated by eye. Of course it won't work that easily.

2. Then I tried doing it mathematically because that's how I like it! It looked like it could work because the angles add up to 360° but something about it is actually wrong, I think LOL

3. Then I tried drawing the shape out and measuring the angles with a protractor. So it would be only replicating an enlarged version when I actually make the stretcher.

4. With the help from the technician I started making the actual stretcher. What I didn't realise was the interior angles have to be the adjacent ones for those greater than 90° somehow.

So after cutting the wood pieces the frame ended up like this because the lower right-hand corner was wrong. It should be smaller than 45°.

After a few trials and errors, we managed to find the correct angle!

Still, with the help of the protractor, rather than maths.

5. Like an ordinary stretcher, three of us in the workshop use the right angle corner clamp to clamp this irregular frame! (4 sides of different lengths and 4 angles of different degrees!)

6. Stretch the canvas and prime with some texture!!!

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