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Week 9 (17/4 - 22/4) Broken Beyond Repair

Back from a healing holiday in Bath and Bristol! But I will simply recover this fast from my self brainwash after one small holiday. It was very enjoyable though. I had a great time and a lot of quality time.

Being back in the studio, I tried to wrap up one of the things I started before the holiday, namely this piece called "Woman". I just don't feel like working on it anymore.

Then I took the idea to draw a more figurative one.

And it gets a bit stressful so I decided to start a more stressful one.

Close to finishing

This isn't the first time I experience heartbreak and the first time wasn't about "romantic" relationships but instead with family. It's literally "death by a thousand cuts" You can feel it physically. And now after getting hurt and hurting and in turn getting hurt from doing it, I feel like part of my heart has been torn open beyond repair...... Actually, I have self-referred to the NHS mental service in the hope to talk to a psychiatrist about my problems and see if any illness that I suspect I have is real.

I'm also back to life drawing society! Start practising hard!

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