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Week 9 (24/7-28/7) The stretch of time

This week on the one hand I am busy furnishing walls built by Tim, on the other looking for more references for the new design of the space.

In June I found a book with a beautiful cover (sometimes you can judge a book by its cover) and a beautiful name:

Oh! C'est beau!

Truth is the book is beautiful on the inside too, to find the beauty in the universe and feel small I think is generally beneficial to humans. As posthumanism suggests a new age for the human race, we should no longer see ourselves as the ultimate exquisite intellectual supreme being in the universe so that we can be humble and cause fewer tragedies, as heaven is not an unearthly transcendental imaginary place but is where we exist and never exist. It is the abandonment of things that cause miseries, like prejudices, racism, religious wars, civil wars, invasions, or even unexpected death through technological breakthroughs. So before this can happen, more of us need to think about the meaning of existence, how to exist, and what it means to be a human etc. which is one of the never-ending loops in human history, apart from reproduction.

I found so many interesting ideas in the book for example this illustration of a time-delay installation. A time-delay display of one's reflection might help with the philosophical thinking of what the past is about, and our relationship with the past, like the discussion around the being of the past in Sartre's Being and Nothingness. One cannot be oneself without his/her past.

This is interesting, although my intention is not to capture moments in the past but rather to capture the past and "present" frozen in time(-space), my installation also makes use of reflective surfaces. It is not mainly as the extension of the space, making it look bigger than it actually is, but audience can see themselves standing in front of the drawing and inside the space. It might be better if it is the projection on themselves but then the drawing will possibly be diminished because of the dimmed light required... what else happened this week... tutorial with Emmanuelle. Oh right. I was listening to a dramatised audiobook of In Search of Lost Time while drawing the wall. The invention of the entanglement is largely drawn from the mixed emotions (mostly shock and secondly regret) driven by the discovery of past memories that were once lost for so long, so I think In Search of Lost Time can actually be a good reference.

The beautiful book also cited Borges. I am still reading his book Labyrinths, which is currently my favourite. Novels, buildings, memories, words, systems, that run in circles and labyrinthine...

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