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Error12-Not Enough Memory

Error12-Not Enough Memory

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This painting is an incomplete and interfered snapshot in my memory of when most of us didn’t have an iPhone, when I didn’t have a Gameboy/PSP/nds (I had a PSP but it was not kept in my home lol), when we couldn’t bring the coolest toys to school, then we invented them ourselves, like eraser Beyblade, ball pen airplane, and I would use my mom’s electronic calendar (a small folded gadget) to pretend it’s a Gameboy and pressed the device’s case like I was playing. Also, some of my classmates would draw some intricate mazes with imaginary traps and mechanics to play with so I would copy them and draw a bunch of mazes and pretend it’s a video game. This was all in primary school. In secondary school, the smartphone became prevalent and everyone’s got one or more than one smartphone.

Isn’t there a mathematical dilemma questioning whether it is harder to create an extremely difficult question, or answer that question? So is it more fun to daydream about this and that, or to experience them? Do you miss the days when you were not surrounded by 10+ electronic gadgets?

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