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His Life is a Mystery Feminine (book art)

His Life is a Mystery Feminine (book art)

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His Life is a Mystery Feminine (2023)

Acrylic and ink on paper (Unframed: 12.7×19.6 cm ; framed: 21×30 cm)

This is an ongoing series of fast paintings on pages from a second-hand In Search of Lost Time vol. 5 The Prisoner and the Fugitive (by Marcel Proust) paperback, inspired by Tom Phillips, obviously.

I started listening to YouTube introduction videos while I was working on  my paintings and sculptures in the UCA studio and listened to the Audio book when I was working on my final project. This timeless novel speaks to me, like some kind of love at first sight thing, with childhood memories, encounters in life, people, sexualities… art, music, theatre, literature etc. could their most crucial value lie in telling us that we are not alone?…

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