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Week 10 (21/11 - 25/11) My own circles

I actually love ai art, it is visually captivating and the human inputs are also so interesting. Wonder how Tate Modern has yet to put up a midjourney show. There are may magical circles in my visual memory. Gilgamesh's secret weapon in the anime Fate Zero, Yayoi Kusama's dots, Imran Mir's paintings at Stedelijk Museum, NASA images, Blender Guru's Donut tutorials, Donut in the movie Everything Everywhere All At Once, midjourney's circle void etc. Is the circle the opening to another world or is God the circle or what? That's up to you. Is it a white hole or the black hole? Where will it lead you if you get sucked into it? Will it be like the fifth dimension in Interstellar?

The circles is like one of the way I can make better use of this old window, because it can be seen through from both side, I can play with brush strokes and create slightly different views from both sides. In that way, I can finally get rid of the previous paint and since the peeled off paint has an interesting texture, I decided to keep that for possible reuse in the future.

Then I filled in new paint — an opening.

While waiting for the paint to dry, I draw a bunch more of circles and they kind of looked like water ripples, which made me think why not put those leaves onto the ripples?

Guess it can be kind of interesting?

And moving the end of the week, I could only finish so little at a time... It is about the feeling more than anything. Although I have to admit, it is still not close to what I feel it should have looked like. Or maybe I have to get the light source sooner to test things out, like the human on the left (there will be one more on the right and a third one and some other things) can be more visible, And at this point I regret putting the redundant white paint on to the glass, now I cannot remove it and can only cover it with some more blue paint....It is just in the wrong position...Should have stored the paint somewhere instead of putting it there....

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