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Week 10 (31/7-4/8) Experiments

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

After the tutorial on the previous week, extensions I decided to do some experiments with mark making, e.g. making some device/mechanism to make use of the acceleration (reflects the concepts of the visuals) like swinging the marker with a string or even buying a sling shot, flying toys and second-hand drone.

But the swinging string did not go well, the items bought took so long to arrive that I would have finished the thing by the time the items arrived. So I gave up on this and went on with hand drawing everything.

Also, I bought all volumes of In Search of Lost Time and cut out some pages from one of the books. As a reference to Tom Philips, I tried to interact with the pages a bit and drew something based on some secret principles. But in the end, I thought aesthetically it did not match the rest of the things so I stopped.

I also found a rope and bought tons of expired slide film to create objects that failed to capture things as they should and use them as extensions of the drawing. I gave that up too because 1. Photography facilities are closed and I have not been able to contact the staff; 2. The rope is not long enough so I would have to buy more but I don't actually see how it could fit the whole space as a non-existence place.

All the experiments failed but the drawing was very efficient and I got a large part of the wall covered within the week. I can carry on with experimental work after the show and after graduation.

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