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Week 12 (5/12 - 9/12) Crit show: Phantasmal - and then fallen really ill...

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

Got flu or something on Sunday, but I tried my best to put up the show on Monday. It went very well and I got very sick LOL

On Tuesday I had my tutorial with Emmanuelle and she told me to hold back the many things I want to tell people. Save the words for just brochures and stuff like that, but don't try to talk too much if that's not in the artwork. I should try following what she said so in this post I will just talk about the process of this painting on glass.

Here are some details:

The back of the painting:

The process:

  1. First, clean the glass. I had black paint on it before and I scrapped all of that away with water and a palette knife (or painting knife as I can't tell the difference). Little black paint remains as little dots but that's fine for this.

  2. Apply black paint with circular brush movement.

  3. Apply a thin layer of varnish on top and wait for it to dry. Anything too watery on top of the paint will destroy whatever there is underneath. Also, all the paint I use is heavy body acrylic.

  4. Apply paint of other colours. I only use slow-dry and/or iridescent medium on the paint.

  5. Use a palette knife to apply a thick cluster of paint and cover it with dark blue/black after it dried. So light can reflect off the uneven surface.

  6. For the back side, I applied a layer of transparent gesso that creates a feeling like frosted glass and blur the things you see through the circle opening.

  7. The window is a found object but the wooden stand is newly made. I painted layers of white paint and then scrapped it off a bit to match the feeling of the window. Yet, honestly, I would prefer to have the window supported by acrylic or any transparent material (cost a lot more). I have considered hanging it but I think the frame is too fragile to handle it.

Later on this week, I printed two of the b/w film photos and got much severely sick afterwards...

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