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Week 13 (15/5-19/5) Delusional perspective

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Another multi-tasking week. On the one hand, I am working day and night in the studio (just joking not at night) on this painting:

And also this drawing as practice for another project:

On the other hand, I am preparing for the MA Fine Art symposium and it just takes FOREVER to trim down things as I have enough things to go on for an hour...

Also, the 3D drawing/model obviously:

Last but not least, on 19 May I "debuted" (again?) by participating in a virtual group exhibition "ALCHEMY" by the Alchemical Art Gallery in Australia!!

I am exhibiting two of my works in the show. One of them is in Room 1 and the other is in Room 2.

How cool is that!

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