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Week 3 (12/6-16/6) Grad show, paint, zine

Kicking off the week with a visit to the BA Illustration and Graphic Design Grad show at the big gallery first thing first and left my trace.

Some of the works are really interesting and funny, and some are quite beautiful like the Cyberpunk Chinese Opera mask render, which I think is my favourite.

Graphic design was my past world which I didn't enjoy at all because I find it so hard to simplify things. Instead, I am good at making things complicated, so I'm an artist...

Every day, I got an ice drink because it has been sunny the whole week and because whoever designed the mezzanine studio did not consider the sun coming up from the left of the studio and setting on the right so that space is basically a very long greenhouse.

I don't know how I could tolerate the heat...For the process, just watch the reels on my Instagram!

Also I had an experiment of making zines with pills and edible ink and rice paper, like an ecstasy version of moon cakes...? I will release reels of the making later...

Hong Kong Magic Pill (zine)

Then I also went to the MFA, BA photography, and the BA Fine Art exhibition.

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