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Week 5 (26/6 - 30/6) Inter-institutional MA Fine Art Symposium@ARU Cambridge and London show! Busy!

On 26 Jun I joined the Inter-institutional MA Fine Art Symposium at Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge School of Art with a few of my fellow classmates.

I did a presentation and Q&A session about the Entanglement in the morning and I hope this is the last time I had to tell this version of my sad story. Here is the slideshow FYI: (God knows why it won't fit the width)

But I’m very glad that I’ve found some audience who really enjoyed it or enjoyed my work. It’s my pleasure to share and perhaps overshare sometimes!

Anyway later on in the pop-up show in the Zion Baptist Church next door, I exhibited the ME VS AI work which comprises of two images. One of them was hand drawn and the other was generated with Stable Diffusion with my own drawings.

Prototype of "Replace Me" (2023)

Also, I had some lovely conversations with other artists who infuse technology in their process too. Such an interesting experience!

Then the next day it was the opening of the London show!!!

The private view was magical. I received some very encouraging comments and guests introduced some great artists to me to follow. One of the guests is a signer, who came to see my painting after seeing my Instagram reels! I'm really flattered! And also, now I must continue to make a series of this style of paintings after graduation! To-do-list is overwhelming!!!

Thank you Studio 1.1, friends and visitors!!! Couldn't do anything without you guys!!!

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