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Week 7 (10/7-14/7) Lost in space and time in my head

Quantum entanglement is when two particles link together in a certain way no matter how far apart they are in space.

Honestly that is so romantic......

But what does it have to do with my graduation show?

I've been changing my plans for two weeks and still haven't had a clue about what I actually want to show...

What does the entanglement actually mean to me now?

So I started digging into quantum entanglement and turns out it is like this! Two particles become entangled forever at a random chance! I always think maths and physics are so romantic because they can never lie. Like 0.9999999....= 1. Ede Siân in her(?) book Art and Science also agrees that "Mathematics was one true source of knowledge, geometric proofs existed beyond the boundaries of human life and numbers were mystical entities which had both philosophical and revelatory roles" (2005:17) And as you'd remember my earlier work, Doctor: Sorry, we've tried everything but art doesn't lie... (2023), I have the same view about art as numbers. Artists can't lie in their art, if they have to they would rather not make the work and if they must they'd just throw away the brushes or move to a place where they don't have to.

So I think ultimately my art and everything in fact can only revolves around love......

This is my new plan at the beginning of the week. The concept was that audience can go through the narrow pathways to experience a time-space and try to simulate what they would see when accelerating to the speed of light, to resonate with what I have been feeling after the Übermensch moment I had earlier this year. But due to the limitation of space, it might not be visually that impactful?

am I too tired typing this or I actually see them moving LOL

So I have another plan in mind... but I still need some time......


Ede Siân (2005) Art and science. New York;London;: I. B. Tauris.

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