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Week 8 (7/11 - 11/11) Complete and incomplete

Main accomplishment:

A Cosmic Tarantula, Caught by NASA’s Webb (Acrylic on 24 x 30 cm canvas board)

It is a study of acrylic paint and some medium really, and has little originality. :o) But it reminds me how art making has an aspect of never stop trying. I haven't painted anything in 4 years and haven't really painted anything with acrylic with acrylic mediums before...... so it was satisfying for me, at least.

I have collected some leaves earlier, and up to this point I have no idea what to do with them besides arranging them in a gradient on some background. But perhaps it doesn't need anything else, perhaps I just need some glue to stick them on the background.

Another thing is with this ridiculed window. During the session with Juliette Blightman, I told her about my struggle of finding the subject matter to be painted on this window. But she said perhaps it is good enough not to paint anything at all, since the act of painting it black, as opposite to the nature of a window, is like a statement or something, like no escape. I accept the part about no escape, but I still doubt that I should leave it that way, as a piece of art. I mean, is it?

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