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"Doctor: Sorry, we've tried everything but art doesn't lie..." is featured in the exhibition ART AS A RESPONSE TO MENTAL HEALTH, organised by Doncaster Art Fair and sponsored by Doncaster City Council.

Exhibition period: 3 June - 18 July

Public voting period: 3 June - 17 June

There are tons of artworks by artists around the world. You can see how everyone is troubled by different kinds of emotions and personal experiences, and how to handle that, which could be empowering.

In the past few months, I was really troubled by negative emotions and anxiety, which got me onto the waiting list for counselling from NHS mental health service. But I’ve overcome that already. The work just reflects my state of mind at that period. It’s fine to be not fine and there’s no shame to seek help! There is a public voting prize in this exhibition so I hope you can VOTE for me because it would mean a lot!! The voting period is from now to 17th June so please do it asap!!! It is recommended to use a computer. Registration is required for voting but it would just take a sec, so please do it to support me! I appreciate your time reading this and thank you for your interest in what I do!


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